Lee County School Employee Indicted for Embezzlement

Lee County School Employee Indicted for Embezzlement Following an arrest on April 17 by the State Auditor’s Office, Randy Thweatt has been indicted on 2 counts of embezzlement. Special Agents with the State Auditor’s Office arrested Thweatt following the execution of a search warrant where a 2006 Ford Ranger and York air conditioning unit belonging to Lee County School District were seized. He will remain on bond until his arraignment set for July 25, 2012.
“I appreciate District Attorney Trent Kelly for his work on this case and for bringing it before the grand jury,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering. “This is one of several cases the State Auditor’s Office is working involving school district employees allegedly embezzling.  Taking resources out of the classroom and away from our students will not be tolerated, especially during tough economic times when school districts are already facing budget cuts.”
“I appreciate the State Auditor’s Office working with local law enforcement and prosecutors to account for the misuse of our tax dollars, said District Attorney Trent Kelly. “Our office hopes to send a message that public officials will be prosecuted when they violate the public trust and misuse taxpayer dollars.”
Thweatt, 50, was arrested at the Lee County School District office on April 17. The air conditioning unit was seized at a mobile home owned by Thweatt in Oktibbeha County, and the vehicle was seized in Lee County.
“There are additional targets under investigation, and I would urge anyone with information relating to alleged embezzlement to contact my office at 1-800-321-1275,” said Pickering.
Elected as Mississippi’s 41st State Auditor in 2007, Stacey Pickering was re-elected as State Auditor in 2011 receiving over 75 percent of the vote in the November General Election. Since 2008, Pickering has recovered more than $4.9 million in embezzled, misspent or misappropriated funds.  He is a seventh generation Mississippian from Jones County.  Auditor Pickering currently serves on the Domestic Working Group for the Office of the Comptroller General of the United States. He also serves on the Financial Management and Intergovernmental Affairs and Performance Audit Committees for the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers and is a member of the National State Auditors Association. Throughout his political career, Pickering has made tremendous strides in creating more accountability and transparency in government and continues to promote fiscal responsibility and the need for more efficiency and productivity in government.  For more information on Stacey Pickering, visit www.osa.state.ms.us/auditors-bio.htm
<http://www.osa.state.ms.us/auditors-bio.htm> .