Ole Miss Unveils New iPad Application

FW: Ole Miss Unveils New iPad Application The University of Mississippi has unveiled a new iPad application designed to engage and connect the university community.

"The popularity of the iPad, including its appeal across so many demographics, makes it a great vehicle for sharing valuable news and critical information about the university," said Kathy Gates, UM chief information officer.

The Official Ole Miss App – iPad Edition has a number of features, including news stories, photo and video galleries, Twitter feeds, announcements, blogs, events, scores, weather reports and a Rebel Radio feed. The app takes advantage of features in the newest iPad, such as Retina display, that significantly enhance the appearance of the app’s photography.

The development of the app comes at an opportune time. In a recent mobility survey of students, employees, alumni and others, 40 percent of respondents said they use an iPad. Of the respondents who did not use an iPad, 32 percent reported that they intended to purchase one in the next year.

Mercury Intermedia developed the app for the university. Headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn., Mercury is the world leader for mobile news app development. The company has designed apps for multiple high-profile clients, including The New York Times, Fox News and USA Today.

"We believe the Ole Miss app raises the bar in higher education communication and marketing," said Bill Tallent, Mercury’s CEO. "We applaud the university’s leadership for its vision in mobile and its commitment to effectively being first to market with a world-class tablet application."

"Mercury adheres to a philosophy that Apple has followed for years," said Rusty Mitchell, the company’s chief creative officer. "Design is not how something looks, but how it works. We obsess down to the pixel to ensure the apps we create are visually engaging, but our primary goal is to create an enjoyable experience where the interface of the application disappears."

The app provides a unique and personal way for the Ole Miss community to stay in touch, Gates said.

 "I think the app will help people feel more connected with what is going on at Ole Miss," Gates said. "One of my favorite features is the photo gallery. We have such talented, capable staff photographers. The app gives a new way to show off their work. I love looking at photos of student activities, performances, sporting events and the campus.

"Also, the app has very current information provided through Twitter feeds, including Daily Mississippian updates, messages from Coach Freeze, reminders about lectures and exhibits, and so on."

To download the app, go to olemiss.edu/ipad.