Attorney General delivers $35 million to legislature

Attorney General delivers $35 million to legislature Attorney General Jim Hood today delivered a check to lawmakers for over $35 million in monies recovered by his office.
“Through our office’s hard work in the past several months, we are pleased to be able to return this money to the people,” said Attorney General Jim Hood.  
As part of the Average Wholesale Price (AWP) litigation, the $35 million returned to the State includes more than $12 million from a settlement with  Barr Laboratories, Inc., IVAX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , Sicor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA. Inc.  The settlement addressed Medicaid Fraud Claims and Consumer Protection Violations involving pharmaceutical manufacturers.   Also included in the $35 million returned today is $5.9 million from two other AWP settlements; one with Alpharma USPD, Inc. and Purepac Pharmaceutical Co., and another with Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc and Par Pharmaceutical, Inc.
In addition to the AWP recoveries, the amount returned to the State includes approximately $840,000 as part of a consumer settlement with Abbott Laboratories involving allegations of unfair and deceptive practices in the promotion and sale of the drug Depakote.
The remainder of the $35 million, approximately $16 million, comes from previously announced settlements with Microsoft and Facility Construction Management, as well as funds from the nationwide mortgage settlement.  
“These settlements are part of our ongoing commitment to protect the taxpayers of Mississippi,” said Attorney General Hood.  “We hope to return even more in the future.”
To date, the Attorney General has recovered more than $650 million in taxpayer dollars