Taylor now leading MSU distance education center

Steve Taylor is the new executive director of Mississippi State’s Center for
Distance Education.

For more than 25 years, Taylor has been a part of the faculty and
administration at the university, a place he planned to work for just a few

“When I came here in August 1987, I said, ‘I’m going to stay here 5 years
just to see what the Deep South is like,”‘ Taylor said. “Then, this place
became home; I’m a Mississippian.”

A Virginia Tech University doctoral graduate, Taylor came to the MSU campus
as an assistant professor of management before he later became an
administrator. Taylor said he always enjoys working directly with students,
as well as leading the teams of people who interact with them.

“The roles are so fundamentally different,” he explained. “The priorities
aren’t different because they’re always education, but the way in which you
approach that priority is so different.”

While students and his research received primary focus as a classroom
leader, his administrative role requires him to be a supporter and provide
faculty the tools they need to educate students and facilitate research.

The veteran educator said this new opportunity to lead the team responsible
for operating the institution’s extensive online instructional program is
both exciting and rewarding.

“In the Center for Distance Education, we have a rare opportunity in our
careers because we are building something that will impact this university
for decades,” Taylor said. “We’re building the foundation on which distance
education is going to grow, and that’s exciting.”

He praised center colleagues already in place who have continually worked to
expand and enhance online programming.

“This staff really is committed,” he emphasized. “They are extremely
concerned about students’ education. They know that our job is to support
the departments and the faculty, and they’re among the biggest reasons
distance education is growing so fast on this campus.”

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