MDWFP Press Release: Mississippians Urged to Wear Life Jacket as Part of Safe, Responsible Boating

JACKSON‹ As the weather warms up, families and friends gather together to
enjoy the outdoors on the water ­ boating, fishing, jet skiing, and more. It
is important to remember the safety precautions to take during all of these
recreational water activities.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) urges
Mississippians to practice safe and responsible boating, including the
practice of always wearing a life jacket, and being alert and aware while on
the water.

To kick off the boating season and their annual ³Life jackets: They float,
you don¹t² awareness campaign, the MDWFP is participating in National
Boating Safety Week (May 20-24). During this week, MDWFP employees will be
wearing life jacket safety buttons to show their support for life jacket
awareness and safe boating.

Also during boating season, Conservation Officers, while on patrol, will
reward youth 12 years of age and under who are wearing a properly fitted U.
S. Coast Guard approved life jacket while on the water. In addition, youth
will receive a pass to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.
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