Hosemann solicits final public comment on Voter ID Regulations

Hosemann solicits final public comment on Voter ID Regulations

Jackson, Miss.‹With the dust settling from the Supreme Court decision to
strike down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, the Secretary of State¹s
Office is focusing on the implementation of the voter identification.
Implementation regulations were proposed on December 12, 2012 for public

³I intend to make the Voter ID regulations final in the next few weeks, and
I solicit any final comment from any Mississippi voter on those
regulations,² says Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. ³I have also
written a letter to the Department of Justice requesting any comment they
may have in regard to the proposed regulations I will now issue for
implementing Mississippi¹s constitutional voter ID requirement.²
To review the proposed regulations, please click the following link:

The Department of Justice previously requested two changes to the
regulations proposed by the Secretary of State¹s Office: (1) to allow the
utilization of a pre-issued Mississippi voter registration card to obtain a
free Mississippi Voter ID and (2) to eliminate the requirement of a voter to
surrender a Mississippi Voter ID, even if the residence address is no longer
current. Those changes have been made. Our State¹s submission was complete
prior to the Supreme Court ruling.

³Open dialog is vital to ensuring every Mississippian who qualifies for a
voter identification card receives one, free of charge without undue
burden,² says Secretary Hosemann.

In the interim, the Secretary of State¹s Office will proceed with ordering
the necessary photographic equipment for Circuit Clerk¹s offices and will
prepare instruction manuals for election commissioners and Circuit Clerks.